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  • Cube Mountainbikes

    Cube mountainbike - the perfect choice for every challenge

    As a passionate mountain biker - no matter if professional or not -it is often not that easy to find the right vehicle for your needs and there are so many different models existing that it is really difficult to make the right choice. Basically, it is advisable to take your time and get professional advices before making a purchase that is not cheap and supposed to providing its services for the next years.

    New products

    Every year well-known bicycle companies are presenting their latest innovations to all those loving bikes at the Euro Bike. Among other themes the wheel size was a very important issue lately. There has been a new 27.5-inch intermediate size introduced to the market which fills the gap between the existing 26 and 29 inches. The intermediate variable is interesting because it rolls better than the 26-inch version and can more easily reach higher speed levels but overall the bike is still agile and more flexible than the models with 29-inch wheels. Depending on the scope of mountain biking you can choose between different Cube mountainbike models that are ideally suited to your needs. The products range from affordable entry-level bikes to high-end racing bikes that were designed for serious athletes requiring highest quality standards.

    Cube Aim - for beginners

    Cube Aim is the ideal model for beginners because it is relatively low but still shines with high-quality parts. It comes fully equipped with Shimano components and also has some home made parts integrated.

    Cube Acid as a touring bike

    If you like to take a longer tour with your mountain bike over the weekend, you should go for the Acid model. This Cube bike comes with the air suspension fork Rock Shox, which of course is much lighter than a steel fork. An also high-end Shimano 3x10 switching components are integrated - including high-quality XT rear derailleur and the a comfortable saddle, which guarantees maximum comfort even after several hours of biking.

    Cube LTD for advanced users

    The Cube mountainbike LTD series belongs to the most popular one among passionate biking fans. The Cube LTD SL has a Shimano hydraulic disc brake system with reservoir. The robust fork comes from the well known brand Fox. The Pro version this series offers a high-quality crankset: the Hollowtech II system from Shimano SLX. The suspension fork has a very practical lock-out.

    Cube Elite and Cube Reaction - the premium classes

    The Elite model is the best of the best Cube mountainbike with its less than one kilogram carbon frame as well as an X-12 thru axle for added rigidity. For higher comfort a seatpost is installed at this fine specimen that allows a comfortable seat even during longer and more demanding tours. The wheels have been developed specifically for racing activities. Another benefit this Cube mountainbike offers is the ergonomic frame design which allows an aerodynamic position.

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