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    The slogan of this German family owned company stands for highest quality, innovative designs as well as for the joy of cycling. The business was founded by Marcus Puerner in 1993. At this time development, production and sales were all realized in not more than approximately 50 square meters. Since then, the company headquartered in Waldershof (Northern Bavaria) steadily expanded:. Its 'made in Germany' products generated a lasting confidence and ensure a continuously growing demand: The company Cube bikes became quickly the market leader in the mid and high-priced mountain bike and road bike segment in Germany. Today it produces over 150 different models for cycling and bikes - all made in the 20,000 square meters premises. Besides bikes Cube are manufacturing miscellaneous equipment such as bicycle helmets, useful accessories for the individually equipped bike, and sportswear. The brand with its products is internationally known and currently exports to more than 40 countries. You will find this high class product range in the Cube shop here.

    Every Cube bike is made out of durable carbon or aluminum and confident with low weight. In the development and assembly of individual bicycle parts security and flexibility are the focus. It can be individually switched on or retrofitted. For example, with regard to the strain with high body weight or extremely bulky pack load every bike can be modified according to the individual wishes. For all types of cycling there is the perfect fitting bike here in the Cube shop. Children ahead: Even the youngest can choose between several visually appealing models - including the pedal loose impeller which sense of balance and motor skills to promote early childhood age. In the Cube shop you find for example different mountain bikes, racing bikes or models for touring.

    Another important thing the Cube shop has to offer the right equipment like professional helmets and bags as well as practical accessories such as water bottles, navigation computers and repair kit supplements. With interchangeable parts like bicycle saddles, pedals and handlebars you can individually configure your cube bike. Different spare parts complete the Cube shop range.

    Optimal clothing for children and female or male adults creates are also crucial for a comfortable and fun cycling. High functionality, wearing comfort as well as many fresh styles characterize the biking clothes here in the Cube shop. Various models of capes, gloves, jerseys, cycling shorts and jackets in trendy and classic designs are offered. Specific functional underwear for bikers will ensure a good body temperature and provides special protection for highly stressed regions of the body. Ergonomically crafted socks, for example, support the ankles and protect the feet from blistering and counteract excessive sweating. And also arm and leg warmers, shirts and pants are available here.

    No matter if you are a professional cyclist or a leisure time athlete: the brand offers a diverse selection of bikes, equipment and sportswear. We are working successfully for several years with the company together and like to share the benefits of historically developed trade partnership to our customers.

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