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  • Specialized Jacket

    Specialized jacket

    Germany is becoming more and more a bicycle nation. Currently over 70 million bikes are registered in the Federal Republic and the number of bikers is still increasing. More importantly, everyone who is regularly using a bike knows the importance of the right clothing.

    Why are bike jackets so important?
    Bike jackets are an essential part of bicycle clothing. With regard to this not only the fashionale aspect plays an important role but the functionality is crucial and several basic conditions have to be fulfilled by a bike jacket:

    - Protection against the cold in winter
    - breathable material for hot summer days
    - Protection against rain
    - Protection against wind
    - Good signal effect on the road
    - light and no constricting material

    With Specialized jackets you will get everything. The range includes bike jackets for men, women and an extra Specialized jackets kids collection for the small bikers. Designed under the highest standards all these jackets offer you perfect protection against every kind of weather which might come during your bike tour.
    As special protection is required regarding the material, Specialized jackets are all made out of functional textiles which protect your body in a reliable way against rain and wind. At the same time a Specialized jacket is also breathable. The very light material does not inhibit movement and dries quickly. And moreover, the material can be also washed easily.

    Take your time and take a look at all the different models. Each of them is modified to fulfill special needs regarding different situations. But no matter how your choice will be, with a Specialized jacket you will not regret your choice. The company is well known since over 30 years. Founded in California, Specialized was able to take a step into the bike and bike equipment market quickly and stayed there. Since then the company were constantly growing and entering the global market. Today the brand belongs to the top provider when it comes to biking. From daily fun bikers up to professional sports men and women, this brand fascinates everyone. Reason for this success is the very up to date technology which is used for every product - also for the Specialized jacket. A team of highly experienced experts working together with different developers, engineers and bike professionals to reach the highest standards. Moreover, the company is more than successful with its strategy. The goal Specialized has is to provide best products for a reasonable price. And they do. That?s why this company is so popular among the biking fans.
    So with a Specialized jacket you will see the difference.

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