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  • Specialized Pants

    Specialized pants

    Specialized pants - perfectly prepared for the next biking adventure

    specialized pantsBiking has become a crucial daily life part of millions. Therefore, the right pants are very important to reach the best comfort possible. Specialized pants offer the right protection against every kind of weather. No matter if the bike is used during cold winter days or when the temperature reaches highest degrees. Therefore, the pants have to meet special requirements. The material every model is made is breathable and at the same time resistant against water and wind and protects the muscles. Additionally, the material is very resistible. Wearing Specialized pants will also feel after thousand rides like the first time. Due to the special design which especially protects highly painful parts every biker will profit from the wearing comfort during short rides as well as for longer tours. Besides this fact, Specialized pants are known for their functionality and come along with a lot of very practical details. All models are provided with pockets giving space for all those things you need to take with you. To be safe against losing them you can close them with high quality zippers. Another story is the design. Pants from Specialized are not only very practical but also look very sporty and classy at the same time. You will always make a good look with them. Again, the high level material does not only protect you against water but also transports it from inside out and will take away the well known feeling during energy taking actions.

    Specialized pants - women's edition

    specialized pants womensSpecialized has also pants especially made for women, that is another highlight the company has to offer. These models are made for the requirements of our female bikers. Here a stronger material was used for the very special areas of women. This is highly important not only for small rides but especially when you stay a bit longer with your bike. Moreover, with such cycling shorts women are not only well equipped, but these also look modern, female but still sporty.

    Specialized pants - for kid's

    specialized pants kidsAnd of course Specialized pants are also available for our young cyclists. These children pants are all equipped with protective patches consisting of rubber. The pants are made out of a extra strong material to meet the special requirements of children. Here the protection against wind and weather is just as important as against unforeseen glitches. With these pants every child is optimally protected without sacrificing mobility.

    No matter which model you will choose, with Specialized you will get a very high quality product, which meets the highest safety and functionality standards. Thousands of ambitious bikers had been convinced regarding this fact over the last years.

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