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  • Specialized bike equipment

    Specialized equipment - equipped with the highest quality

    You have the perfect bike and the best clothing for cycling? Then you have already met two basic requirements. But in order to be perfectly equipped you will need a little more than these two things. The right equipment is a crucial base for the right biking experience.

    For more than 40 years now, Specialized has been famous as a brand which stands for quality and comfort. In addition to its high-profile bike, the company also offers bike accessories and equipment at the highest level. You will find all these very convincing products under the Specialized equipment category.

    When it comes to safety, a fitting bicycle helmet that guarantees maximum protection can be seen as the most important issue. For every occasion different helmet are needed like a multifunctional helmets for road cyclists and mountain bike professionals. Specialized Equipment offers helmets with an absolutely perfect fit and wearing comfort. Therefore, there are also models especially for women and children in our assortment. But of course besides comfort the safety plays the most important role. Meeting the highest standards, you can be sure to be on the safe side with a Specialized helmet.
    Bike bags are another very practical bike equipment - especially for longer trips. With the right bag you can easily transport different things such as repair kits, weather clothing, and food without any trouble. The wide range Specialized has to offer includes bags suitable for the frame, seat and luggage rack. This makes them the perfect companion for any trip -no matter what you have planned. Ideally, you can complete the set with the water bottle and associated bike racks from the assortment Specialized equipment. The innovative designs provide a completely secure locking technology and rapid flow.
    For sheets or loose screws in between your tours you will also find different solutions in our Specialized equipment assortment. To name one example, the Specialized minitools are the ideal assistant in emergency situations. These are small and compact and can quickly fix any damaged wheel or whatever has to be done. Moreover they are all made of high quality materials - for a maximum rust free and long life. Equally important is the appropriate pump. In the Specialized bike equipment assortment you will find a wide selection of compact pumps. Some of them you can easily carry in your pocket, right on the frame or wherever you like.
    The right tires can also be found here in the range, so that your bike performance will not suffer from the wrong wheels. Also, pedals, cranks, handlebars, fenders and side stands are just some of the bike parts you will find in our shop. Check our range and order your favorites from home. Shipping is fast and for orders accounted for EUR 60 or more it is even for free.

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